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Downloadable Model Files

This folder contains .png and .pdf images of the diagrams, together with the original Archi model that contains both the Business Model and all the Operational Models. It also has a link to the open source Archi Web site where the modelling tool can be downloaded.
File PDF document Overview PDF
File PDF document Marketing and Promotion PDF
File PDF document Recruitment PDF
File PDF document Learning and Teaching PDF
File PDF document Learning and Teaching + ICT PDF
File PDF document Action Inquiry PDF
File PDF document Work-Focused Learning Business Model PDF
File Archi modelling file
Contains the Work-Focused Learning Business Model Canvas and all the Operational Model diagrams, for use with the Archi modelling tool
Business and Operational Models File + Archi Modelling Tool
The business and operational models presented here were created using Archi, an open source graphical modelling tool that supports both the Business Model Canvas (and provides a generic canvas generator), and Archimate operational modelling. You can download the single Archi file containing all the models in editable form, as well as follow the link to the ArchimateTool website to download the free and easy to use Archi modelling tool, should you wish to adapt the model to suit your own circumstances.