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Business and Operational Models File + Archi Modelling Tool

The business and operational models presented here were created using Archi, an open source graphical modelling tool that supports both the Business Model Canvas (and provides a generic canvas generator), and Archimate operational modelling. You can download the single Archi file containing all the models in editable form, as well as follow the link to the ArchimateTool website to download the free and easy to use Archi modelling tool, should you wish to adapt the model to suit your own circumstances.

The Business and Operational models provided here are examples that, if you want to implement Work-Focused Learning yourself, you may like to adapt to fit your particular circumstances.  To do that, you need:

a) the models in editable form
b) a tool to edit them.


The Archi Graphical Modelling Tool

The tool is Archi, developed by IEC/CETIS at the University of Bolton, funded by JISC. It is a full implementation fo the Open Groups ArchiMate graphical Enterprisae Architecture modelling standard. It can be downloaded, with supporting documentation, from the now indpendent, but still free and open source, Archi Web site.


The Work-Focused Learning Diagrams File

The Archi file containing the Business Model Canvas and all the Operational Diagrams can be downloaded here: Work-Focused Learning Model 



The Archi tool supports modelling using the Archimate graphical modelling language, an open standard for Enterprise Architecture modelling.

Archimate originated in the Netherlands as a three-way government, academia, industry collaboration, and there is a support website:

The Archimate standard is now maintained by the Open Group and they have an ArchiMate Forum website.