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Business Model Outline

Business Model for an operational Work-Focused Learning Unit

This presents a 'big picture' business model for a Work-Focused Learning Unit.

It uses a version of the Business Model Canvas adapted for Education.

The Business Model and the Archi modelling tool can be found from the Downloads: page at the end of this section.


   Download a PDF version of this diagram

The financial model detailing the costs and revenues are contained in this Work-Focused Learning Google spreadsheet

You can copy and then adapt it to suit your own purposes.

The elements are based on the Ultraversity experience, with costs updated for a typical UK university.

The spreadsheet takes a fairly traditional approach to a functioning unit after three years, with the first two years back extrapolated.

However a more agile/lean startup approach to setting up a new unit would probably result in a different set of figures for the early years and its aim would be to treat the above as a set of hypotheses. The task of the startup venture would then be one of checking these hypotheses with potential learners and their organisations, and adapting them in the light of the reactions and responses. (See A 'Lean Startup' Approach)