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Organisational Design

The following sections provide an informed starting point for anyone wishing to set up a unit to deliver Work Focused Learning. It is derived the experience of, and reflection on, the last 10 years with the Ultraversity and the IDIBL Framework (see Track Record section). Setting up such a unit is a non-trivial task. We also provide an alternative view on taking a 'Lean Startup' or 'Discovery Driven' approach. We do not discuss the policy and political discussions needed, which will be unique to each context.

Operational structure brainstorm

A brainstorm of the people, activities and tools required to make the model of work focused learning work. This was used to inform the enterprise architecture modelling using Archimate standard using Archie software.

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Business Model Outline

Business Model for an operational Work-Focused Learning Unit

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Operational Model

This shows the main process flows, actors and functions, currently covering: marketing and promotion; recruitment; learning and teaching, with and without ICT; and the action inquiry cycle.

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Downloadable Model Files

This folder contains .png and .pdf images of the diagrams, together with the original Archi model that contains both the Business Model and all the Operational Models. It also has a link to the open source Archi Web site where the modelling tool can be downloaded.

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Possible to work from home - can be based anywhere in the country (or the world) - resilient and able to offer & receive moral support - can live with online relationships

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