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Operational Model

This shows the main process flows, actors and functions, currently covering: marketing and promotion; recruitment; learning and teaching, with and without ICT; and the action inquiry cycle.

The Main Overview

This diagram provides a high level overview of the three main flows:
Marketing, Recruitment and Learning and Teaching.

Each of these has a more detailed diagram. Learning and teaching has two, a simpler one without ICT, and one with.

There is also a diagram of the Action Inquiry flow, which is the core component of the learning and teaching flow.

Diagrams  can be downloaded the Operational Model Diagram Files folder.

The original Archi/Archimate file, containing the Business Model and all the W-F Learning model diagrams on this page, can be downloaded from the Downloads: The Business and Operational Models and the Archi Modelling Tool page.


Marketing and Promotion

Critical early decisions include: the group or groups of people you propose to work with; what it's going to cost you to support them; how much they will be prepared to pay. It takes a lot of work to answer these questions with confidence, as it is likely to be a new undertaking with little pre-existing data to go on. This early work is about finding evidence that your initial hunches can be borne out in practice - or you modify them until they do.

It is your own initial action learning project. When a point is reached where the viability of the emerging business model has sufficient validation, then course information and publicity materials can be drawn up and disseminated. Whatever group/s you address it is essential to communicate the unique aspects and benefits of the programme very clearly as these will not be familiar to most people.



On the face of it, the workflow set out here is the same as can be found in many educational institutions or training organisations. However there are unique features even here. Student Researchers need to have some significant change or innovation in their work, whether paid or voluntary, of appropriate substance and duration, that they can actively engage in bringing about. They will also have to gain agreement in principle with their employer and locate a 'workplace advocate' - someone who can support them and speak for them.


Learning and Teaching

learning and teaching png


Learning and Teaching + ICT


Action Inquiry