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Implement Action Inquiry and Exhibition (30 credits level HE6)

During this module researchers will carry out their research plans and hold a full-scale exhibition of the findings. They will also gather evidence of the impact of the research. This module will provide the opportunity to present key research findings and begin to assess the impact of this on the workplace and colleagues.

Module Description

Researchers will implement their research plans and engage in multiple cycles of action inquiry. They will collect their data, present this data, analyse it and discuss their findings in the light of the literature relevant to their research focus.

Having completed their research, researchers will write about their work and prepare materials for a presentation and exhibition of their findings to a work based audience.

Researchers will hold an exhibition of their work and findings and present their work to a critical audience. They will also collect feedback from their audience as part of the exhibition process.

Researchers will evaluate and reflect on the research and exhibition processes.

Module content will be appropriate to individuals in their work setting and will be supported by learning

facilitators who will help students identify appropriate methodology in order to achieve the module


This is a web delivered distance learning module. Students will need to have access to the internet to access learning resources, participate in the online learning community and submit their electronic portfolio for assessment.

All key resources will be available online. In addition many key resources will be work context specific and defined during the planning of the learning activities, with the support of the learning facilitator to take account of the student’s work context.

Transferable employment skills developed in this module include the ability to manage a complex project, to introduce change within the workplace, presentation and persuasion skills.

Outline Content

  • Undertake the researchers research plan and this will include implementing action inquiry.
  • Critically review, evaluate, and analyse strategy in anticipation of presentation for peers.
  • Develop skills in software packages.
  • Assemble artifacts and presentation materials.
  • Carry out an exhibition that involves a coherent communication of ideas and findings.
  • Gather feedback from the audience.

Learning Outcomes (threshold standards)


On successful completion of this module the student will be expected to be able to:

Knowledge and understanding

  1. Prepare artifacts for exhibition with critical commentary
  2. Hold a full-scale exhibition and gather evidence of impact

Intellectual, practical, affective and transferable skills

  1. Implement an action inquiry
  2. Analyse findings


Portfolio 100%

Key Text/Literature

Hopkins D, (2002) A Teachers Guide to Action Research, Buckingham: Open University Press

McNiff J, Lomax P, Whitehead J (1996) You and Your Action research Project, London: Routledge

Coghlan D, Brannick T, (2001) Doing Action Research In Your own Organisation, London: Sage Publications Ltd

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