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Learning Facilitators

The model makes radically different demands on teaching staff, who are named 'learning facilitators' to underline the differences. Their tasks are outlined below. This makes recruitment, career development and concepts of identity challenging for a typical academic institution.


  1. support student researchers online
  2. development of online communities and mutually supportive learning
  3. modelling good practice - teaching through dialogue
  4. lecturing replaced by resource preparationand links to available online resources

Process Orientation

  1. rather than content oriented
  2. able to think multi-disciplinary, assess diverse portfolios
  3. full understanding of action inquiry based learning

Work in a Team Online

  1. shared responsibility for supporting student researchers
  2. cooperative working with other learning facilitators
  3. confidence using ICT
  4. familiarity with shared documents
  5. ability to use internet telephony
  6. ability to work with remote technical support